Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tilko Jaffna City Hotel

Tilko Jaffna City Hotel
Tilko Jaffna City Hotel is the first luxury hotel in the heart of Jaffna Town, and it opened the doors to cater for the demanding tourists from 2010 onwards. The hotel is consisting of 38 Guest Rooms and 2 pent house apartments to accommodate group tourists. The hotel is offering facilities such as restaurant, gymnasium, saloon, spa and conference hall. Tilko Jaffna City Hotel is established in a 340 perch land with an overview of the Jaffna lagoon and the beach. The Tilko Managing Director Thilagaraj stated to me that the area lacked hotels offering proper facilities to the demanding tourist in an international standard and he also described the hotel as a Luxury Hotel targeting business community, tourists and expatriates.

Restaurant and Conference Hall
The amenities and services of the hotels are designed to satiate all the discerning needs of the international travellers and the guests. The warm hospitality and welcoming staff at the hotels make the guests feel at home even miles away from home. The various facilities of comprise a mixture of basic hotel facilities as well as some luxury frills that the guests might expect from a hotel of its class. Currently there are no hotels with all the above facilities to cater the international tourists in Jaffna. After commencing the commercial operations in January 2010, the hotel served many dignitaries such as Ministers, Governors, Foreign Diplomats and INGO Directors.

One of the Bed Rooms
The hotel is under BOI Project and this is carried out as an Accelerated Development Programme for the Northern Province for an initial investment of Rs. 280 million. “There is so much investment potential in the area and investor confidence must further be enhanced” said Thilagaraj and he urged the expat Tamil community to invest in North & East to contribute the reconstruction process. Hope Jaffna will get it old time beauty in the coming years.

Tilko Jaffna City Hotel
70/6, K.K.S Road, (In front of Jaffna main post office)
Tel : +94 21 2225969
Hot Lines: +94 0770 780 393, +94 0777 696 443
E.mail :


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