Monday, 13 February 2012

Gnanams Hotel Jaffna

Hotel Entrance
Gnanams Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Jaffna with the good service facilities. Thirty years of war and disruption the hotel is now open for public after being occupied by the Army for 24 years.  Gnanams Hotel offers travellers the convenience accommodation to enjoy their holidays, when they are visiting to Jaffna. Gnanams Hotel started their operations on May 2011 and responses from the visitors are encouraging, hotel owner Sankarapillay Kailasapillai told us on a private conversation.

Court Yard
Situated at Clock Tower Road Jaffna this 31 room property is well maintained and offers comforts of home away home for the demanding travellers. Hotel got experienced management staffs with three speciality chefs and 43 staff members to provide a courteous and efficient service to the visitors. Apart from local visitors, hotel attracts foreign visitors too. They are mainly from the various INGO’s and Indians. There are also repeated clients who are frequent visitors to Jaffna, according to the owner.

One of the Bedroom
The hotel offers all types of menus ranging from Western to Eastern. Its specialty is the Jaffna menu which includes delicacies typical to Jaffna. The hotel is popular for its food and comfortable facilities where it maintains a reasonable occupancy rate. Among the facilities available were internet services, tour guides and transport for those interested in seeing the peninsula. They also offer Conference facilities for the corporate clients and the owner is planning to further upgrade the property by adding more facilities as see high growth in the tourism sector. There is increased travel both by foreigners as well as locals and comfortable accommodation has a good market in Jaffna.

Gnanams Hotel
299 & 301, Clock Tower Road,
Tel: 0094 021 2220630


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