Thursday, 5 January 2012

Nallur Festival

Historical Nallur Festival, also known as Nallur Kandaswamy temple annual festival, is the largest Hindu temple festival event in the Jaffna peninsula. The Nallur festival begins on every year August 15 and may last for 25 days. Last year nearly two hundred thousand visitors visited the event and the Jaffna hotels were unable to cope with the influx, warm-hearted residents of Jaffna from all faiths opened their doors to the pilgrims.The Nallur is the major highlight of socio, cultural and religious spirit of Jaffna society, Sri Lanka. 

The historic festival generally draws devotees from around the island as well as overseas particular from United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, India and Australia, most from the Tamil Diasporas who were unable to roam freely in the island during the thirty years of bloody civil war.According to tradition, Nallur Kantha Swamy Temple is said to be one of the few temples in the Peninsula that all the festivals, rites and observances as found in the Tamil Saivasim traditions are practiced and reflected with regularity, splendour and pageantry. It is said to be one of the impressive temples dedicated to Lord Murugan. The presiding Deity is Lord Muruga in the form of the holy Vel.

The annual Nallur Temple festival, which had in Hindus pay homage to Lord Murugan by way of offering flowers, burning incenses and coconuts amidst continuous recital of "Haro Haraa".Nallur festival, lasting for 25 days will conclude with ‘Theertham’ (Water Cutting ceremony) on September 10, followed by the ‘Poonkavanam’ (ceremony of Eternal Bliss) held on the next day. ‘Ther procession’ is to be held on September 9.The Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil or Nallur Murugan Kovil is one of the most significant Hindu temples in the Jaffna District of Northern Province, Sri Lanka. It stands in the town of Nallur and about 03 kms from Jaffna Town.

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  1. "The Nallur festival begins on every year August 15 and may last for 25 days"

    Nallur Festivel doesn't start on August 15th. this varies.
    Thsi is a basic information. Please collect the correct information before posting a travel guide like this.


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